Balun 1:1 Allband for dipole

$ 142.36

This Balun with mountingplate is a very good design to make your own wire dipole.
The problem with most baluns out of the store is that there is no easy way to mount it.
This Balun has an alluminum mounting plate 5mm thick, and a pressure equalizer for ventilation so that condensation is excluded.
This 1:1 ratio current Balun is the best solution for feedline isolation and choking.
Designed for those who want the maximum isolation and choking across the full HF spectrum. This Balun has two 2 cores in a stacked configuration to maximize choking impedance on HF bands from 1- 30MHz.
Transformation and power handling (up to 5KW) are excellent while providing a choking impedance that exceeds 8000 ohms.
Even on 160 m the choking impedance is 2000 ohms, and 3300 ohms on 10 meter.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Connector : Silverplated.
All hardware Stainless steel.

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Wire complete with insulator


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Naam: PE5CFG Stad: Abcoude 10 april 2023 Time: 19:59:06

De Balun hangt nu een week in de mast heb de dipool als inverted v opgehangen met 2x 20.45 meter mooie rustige ontvangst en geen instraling in de apparatuur op 80 meter. En weer mooi afgewerkt prima kwaliteit.
Ben er erg tevreden over.
Naam: PA3CPS Stad: Olst 04 mei 2020 Time: 17:53:28

Vandaag de bestelde Balun 1:1 (5000W) binnen gekregen. Wat een afwerking, echt top! Dit ziet er echt zeer goed uit. Ik ben altijd zeer kritisch maar hier heb ik echt niets op aan te merken.
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