About Us

HyEndCompany is a Dutch based company that specializes in HyEndFed® amateur radio antennas.
We noticed back in 2006 there was no source for a quality wire antenna that didn't require more money then seemed reasonable.
Conversely, if you found a unit that was inexpensive, you got just that, a cheap product that performed poorly, usually failed in a short period of time or both.

This small business is built on the premise that:

1 ► A quality product can be offered at a reasonable price so all hams can affort these products.
2 ► A quality sourced and manufactured product from The Netherlands.
3 ► Customer service is alive.

HyEndCompany is committed to the highest level of quality and prides itself on being a Dutch company assembling and quality testing all HyEndFed®antennas.






Left Ken W3JK from JK Antennas, right Ron PA3RK



► Research and Development, Ron Kuijl PA3RK

► Skills: Technician, 19 years at Bang & Olufsen The Netherlands and 5 years at Hirschmann Communications, RF group.






► Research and Development, Rob Maas PA3EKE

► Skills: Manager Postproductie for more than 20 years RTL the Nederlands.
Responsible for managing the crew for the post production, archive and tape operator division.




Friedrichshafen 2014 in Germany.