1.5-55 MHz Line Isolator All Band - Coax Dual Core

$ 120.14


1:1 Current Line Insulator. 

A choke should have a minimum attenuation of least 20 dB, for the suppression of return flows.
See the measuring charts.

This Unun has two 2 cores in a stacked configuration.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Teflon Connector.

Teflon Coax RG 400.

Frequency, 1.5 to 55 MHz. 

Power : 5KW PEP.
All hardware Stainless steel.


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Name: Jan DG 3 JKB Stadt: Bochum 12 juni 2020 Time: 14:46:12

Excellent Line Isolator!

Used in conjunction with a 4 Band HyEndFed, fed by approx 22m Coax.
Brought down the Noisefloor about 1-2 S-Units compared to other Line Isolators.
The build quality is outstanding, as with all HyEnd products.


Naam: PA2AA Stad: Rotterdam 08 februari 2020 Time: 20:45:06

werk uitstekend geen storing meer op de speakers
Naam: Jan Oosten Stad: Scheemda 09 juni 2014 Time: 15:26:46

Storingen weg en ruis ook bijna weg ! geweldige filter , weer een goede aankoop er bij !
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