BP Filter 20 meter band

€ 103,31 (Excl. BTW)
Voor EU landen: € 125,00 (Incl. BTW)


This band pass filter is designed to “clean up” your receive and transmit signals.
Connect our BPF into your 50-ohm coaxial line and use it to suppress other frequencies during transmit and receive.
In receive mode you will have less wideband noise and interference from other transmitters and in transmit mode you will produce less interference and wideband noise. The BPF will also suppress any out of band spurious produced by your amplifiers.

Our Band Pass Filter uses low ESR ATC-B capacitors for low internal loss and high power handling of 1KW PEP.



Nom: SECCO JEAN-LUC F1SOE Ville: FRANCE AUTERIVE 13 januari 2018 Time: 10:39:51

Hello;the filter lowpass 20 méters is véry good conception.The Comet CAA/M2 indication 1,2 ROS/14175 Mhz
Tks for your sérious of conception.
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