1.5-55 MHz Line Isolator All Band - Wire Dual Core

€ 103,31 (Excl. BTW)
Voor EU landen: € 125,00 (Incl. BTW)


Deze 1:1 Stroom unun heeft twee kernen op elkaar en is gewikkeld met verzilverd koperdraad 1mm dik.

Om retour stromen te onderdrukken moet een choke een minimale demping hebben van 20 dB.

Perfecte Choke met ook onder in de band een prima demping.

Zie de metingen!!


Behuizing: Polycarbonaat IP67, 100% UV bestendig.
SO239 Teflon Connectors.

Verzilverd koperdraad met teflon isolatie.

Freqentie : 1.5 tot 55 MHz.

Power : 3 KW PEP



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Name: Ari City: Sydney 03 december 2017 Time: 13:41:07

I purchased this wire dual core line insulator to reduce RF in the shack and it certainly did that! My main problem was on 20 meters where the RF in the shack was pretty bad even at 10 watts. Now I can run my power up to 60 watts before I notice noise in the shack. Vast improvement! Prior to purchasing this choke I tried a competitors choke with very little improvement. Thumbs up on this line insulator ... 73s
Name: Ian Dodd City: Hexham UK 25 mei 2017 Time: 15:18:46

Living out in the country, I was initially under the impression that I away from most of the QRM but this was not the case when had a good look around the village. 20KV HV transformer for the village 200m away and all the houses fed with open wire overheads on two sides of me, this together with TV’s and solar panel inverters, it all mounted up. S7 of noise on 40m and S9 + on 80m and top band. After some research I ordered this line isolator and it has removed between 3 to 4 S points of noise. I have now heard stations on 80m where before it was just noise. I’ve tested and tested to make sure it just wasn’t the signal being attenuated, "filter in filter" out but my experiences are this is a reduction in QRM for my station. Well done guys, 73s Ian G1HZI
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