SWL Antenna 0,3-30MHz


This is more than just a normal 1:9 Unun.
Tests show SWR is perfect across the entire HF band, transformation is perfectly flat, measured with 450 ohm.
With this antenna it is also possible to transmit with 25 Watt power, but you do need an antenna tuner.
The standard length of the wire is 22 meter.






Stainless steel,
Enclosure, Polycarbonate IP 67.
SO239 Teflon socket.
Hard copper Antenna litze, breaking limit 40kg.
End Insulator: Polycarbonate UV resistant.


Naam: Shaun Flohr Stad: Epe 09 februari 2014 Time: 09:32:55

Very happy. I was looking for a good swl wire for the ham & shortwave. After looking on the internet, i came across the Hyendfed Company. After a few e-mails i order the antenna. The endfed at my qth is a sloper, from NW to SE. I must say the swl is great on the shortwave and lower hambands. The swl go 's dwn abit on 10m but from 15 to 80m it 's great. If your looking for a good endfed swl get this 1. A happy Dutch swl station.