Portable 3 Band Antenna Mini 100 Watt

$ 146.22

HyEndFed 3 band voor 40, 20 and 10 meter.
Max. Power : 100 Watt PEP, SSB.
Lengte : 11.85 meter.
Behuizing : ABS IP65
Connector : BNC.
Alle het bevestigingsmateriaal is van RVS .


De metingen van deze antenne zijn gedaan in een sloper configuratie.
Het kastje hing 1 meter boven de grond, met 10 meter RG58.
Het uiteinde van de draad hing op 8 meter hoogte aan glasfiber mast.






Name: Daniel Stadt: Mainz, Germany 11 juli 2021 Time: 10:11:42

The antenna works very good! With spiderbeam and FT-817 and only 5 w worked in ssb USA, Saudi Arabia and and whole Europe. Great job! Thanks for this great antenna. 73
Name: Yvon City: Prescott, AZ USA 30 september 2020 Time: 18:55:20

Very well build and excellent performance. I particularly like the wire connection to the box and the strain relief on the wire.
Name: Tim City: Arundel, England 12 april 2019 Time: 18:22:12

I love this antenna. (Check out my YouTube video above). It's lightweight and performs great on 40m. Don't let the shorter length for 40 deter you from trying one. I have worked DX using mine from England . Thanks Hyendfed for producing a very good antenna. 73
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