HyEndFed 8 Band 400 Watt Black Clamp

$ 212.97

HyEndFed 8 band for 80/40/(30) 20/17/15/12/10 Meter.

Max. Power : 400  WATT PEP, SSB.


Length : 40 meter.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Connector Teflon.
All hardware Stainless steel.

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Without a capacitor the lowest swr is at 3.5MHz.


Name: Gerrit Stadt: Münster 15 maart 2022 Time: 18:35:15

*Toller Service
*Tolle Qualität
*Tolle Ergebnisse
=> Absolut empfehlenswert!
Name: Albert Kleyn City: Dunmanway, Republic of Ireland. 16 december 2021 Time: 11:24:22

Beste Mensen. Vergeef mij. Mijn Nederlands is te roestig om het fatsoenlijk te schrijven. Ben al meer dan een dikke 50 jaar weg uit Nederland.
OK... here goes.
Deze antenna is ongelooflijk. Het bewijs ???
(This Antenna is UNBELIEVABLE. The Proof ????)
Am running a 200 milliwatt ZACHTEK (Harry Harrison) desktop transmitter in Whisper mode.
Deze antenna is heard in AUSTRLIA, (VK4CT) ANTARTICA, (DP0VGN) BRAZIL, (PP5ZX) SAN FRANSICO.... all on just 200 Milli watts !!! in the 20 meter band, but also in many many places on the 15 meter band. En..... the antenna is compromised for 20 meters as ideally it should be half wavelength above ground but at its highest point it is only 7 meters and lowest is only 3 meters.
I do very little SSB HF these days but prefer the digital modes. Maar.... mijn eerste contact ( my first contact on SSB) on this antenna was with SENEGAL !!!! in Africa ! (6W1QL)

OK... now to the real stuff. The build quality is FANTASTIC. I live in the middle of NOWHERE and we are very exposed to wind here. (Last storm registered 164 KM p/h wind over the FastNet Lighthouse. !)
I recommend most strongly that if you are buying one of Ron's Antennas, you buy the version where the wire is secured on the backing plate and NOT on the Balun transformer box. Please trust me on this..
Ik have 40 meter of wire hanging from the backing plate and the pull loads on it must be significant. Another tip ? DO NOT pull the wire too tight. As Ron says... let it hang with a bit of a bow. And make sure that your anchor points do not move... especially important if you are going to use a tree as an anchor point. And if you going the extra mile.... buy everything in Stainless steel, as I did.
This is my very first Endfed antenna and I am absolutely delighted with it. Yes… it is expensive but… please remember mensen (folks) … you get what you pay for. For me… the best quality possible was crucially important, as well as good customer service. I can state with my hand on my heart that the HyendAntenna company prides both. (At 77 years old... I am getting too old to climb too many ladders.)
Every question I had was answered courteously and quickly. The antenna has now been up a full month and has truly exceeded expectations.
No doubt… I could have built a half wave endfed myself… after having been a radio ham for over 25 years.. it would have been a simple job. BUT… I do not have the time…. Simple as that and I wanted the best.
I wanted to upload a photo but the layout here does not allow me to do it so I will send the photo to Ron and Ask him to insert it.
Name: André DF5AR Stadt: Gaimersheim 29 maart 2021 Time: 02:49:57

...absolut Top Antenne, bin begeistert, hat mir einige DX QSO´s auf allen Bändern gebracht (80W-100W, USA, Asien, Indonesien, Brazil, Faroe Island, Europa, RU, JA usw.). Kann ich nur empfehlen. Installation als liegende L-Antenne, Einspeisung bei ca. 10m. Empfehlenswert ist das Koaxkabel (4,20m) zwischen Strombalun 1:1 und Antennenbalun als Gegengewicht! SWR auf allen Bändern durchschnittlich bei 1,5:1,0. 39,6m Antennendraht, O-W :-) 73 André DF5AR
Name: Guenther, DL4BX Stadt: Wittmund, NW Germany 01 oktober 2020 Time: 15:51:15

Sehr solide Konstruktion. Tut exakt was sie soll!
Name: Adam w4gov City: Winchester 27 juni 2020 Time: 23:35:05

Amazing antenna! It’s the perfect length to be in my back yard and works amazingly well. With no sunspots I am still working stations all over the world from Europe to Asia without any issue! Just a simply amazing antenna! I own all of your mono bands as well as the 8 band in 200w and 800w versions. My 200w is my portable antenna :)
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