HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plate MK3

$ 220.61


HyEndFed 5 band for 80/40/20/15/10 Meter.
Max. Power : 200 WATT PEP SSB, 35 WATT DIGITAL.
Length : 23 meter.

Bandwidth 100 KHz at 80 meters, without tuner.

Aluminum mounting plate with galvanized clamps.
Mast diameter 40 to 58mm.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Connector Teflon.
All hardware Stainless steel.


All measurements for this antenna were taken in an open field at 10 meters height.
We used 12,75 meter Aircell coax from the analyzer to the Matching Network

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Name: Helmuth Mayrhofer Stadt: Linz 03 juli 2024 Time: 07:03:09

After extensive experimenting and testing with various antennas, I have finally found the perfect setup for my needs. I have installed two HyEndFed antennas (23 meters and 20 meters) in my garden, and they have enabled me to make DX QSOs with Costa Rica, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Bangladesh and other countries. I am thrilled with the exceptional performance of these ultimate antennas.
Naam: Manu - ON7FQ Stad: Antwerpsn België 11 maart 2023 Time: 22:17:39

Ik heb de Hyend 5 bands en line isolator een paar dagen geleden ontvangen. Vandaag heb ik gezien het mooie weer tijd gereserveerd om de antenne op te hangen. Het voedingpunt is gemonteerd aan de brandladder op de 2de verdieping en loopt in sloper naar beneden vastgemaakt op 3m hoogte aan een verlichtingspaal op de privé parking. Die ga ik eerstdaags op maximum hoogte hangen (6m) om eventuele manipulatie van derden tegen te gaan. Antenne geplaatst, koffie bij de hand en ben gaan testen. SWR lag overal binnen de specs. De eerste tests waren op 40m met 2 nederlandse stations en 1 uit UK waar het signaal toch 59+15 was gezien het late uur in de namiddag. Op 10m mijn eerste trans atlantische verbinding met Brazilië met 57. Kan toch wel zeggen gezien mijn opstelling dat de antenne fantastisch werkt.
Name: Gregor Stadt: Vienna 05 maart 2022 Time: 11:41:24

everything is said here. great antenna!
Name: Hal, N7HRR City: Hamilton MT. USA 11 februari 2022 Time: 21:24:30

I am moving to HF after 20 years of Tech class, and chose this as my first "not homemade" HF antenna. Set as a sloper, 40 feet high at feed end to about 15 feet high, north to south. SWR is exactly where advertised, on 70 feet of RG-213. Paired with a Xiegu G90, I have no amplifier, and no tuner required until the middle of the 80M band. I have made over 100 QSO on 10 meter, all over the east America and Canada, Mexico, and all over South America from Panama to Argentina, running just 20w on FT8. I was shocked. My neighbor is a General ham and using WSPR and 10w we have been heard in Africa, North America, South America, Hawaii, Alaska and Antarctica. On 10W, using all 5 bands! We tried his 10-40M vertical on 10W and did not have the same joy. HA! He was super surprised too. I have had no issues of common mode currents and the antenna is very low noise, where I live. The antenna is well constructed, and the backing plate makes for easy mounting. Shipping was fast and packaged well. Nice Job, and please keep up the good work. I am sure that I will end up with an 8 band also, in time.
Naam: Pd0fft Stad: Empel 27 december 2020 Time: 12:57:55

Zeer fijne antenne kon hem goed kwijt in de tuin werkt perfect
Nom: Yves (ve2ymm) Ville: Montreal (Canada) 26 oktober 2020 Time: 04:30:49

I am in a big city with a lot of noise around, especially with a big electric transformer near the house and this is the first time I’ve got great results with this antenna. The shipping was very fast and the installation pretty easy. I’ve added a 80 m copper cable for the “ground” and all works fine, except the resonance is a bit lower than expected. For example on 80m the antenna is set for 3.5MHz, not 3.7 or 3.6 and I need a tuner. I believe my “ground” need to be set a bit... From Ron: Out of the box the antenna is tuned on 3.5MHz. You need to cut the wire at the fare end, Shortening by aprox 1 cm (0,4 inch) will raise the resonance frequency about 4 KHz on the 80 meterband. It's all standing in the manual!!!!!
Name: stephen VK4 IDK City: Brisbane 18 maart 2020 Time: 21:29:26

Have been using this antenna for a year now. It's been fantastic, high-quality construction and works well across all the 5 bands without the need for a tuner.
Name: Adam W4GOV City: Winchester, VA 05 januari 2020 Time: 17:45:32

I have owned your wonderful antennas for many years. They NEVER disappoint! I currently use the 300W mono band versions with amazing success and then decided to purchase this multi band for portable operations. What another fine product from HyEndFed! I have been making my own antennas for over 20 years and I can barely break even given the high quality and materials used on your antennas! I will keep purchasing these antennas as needed!
Name: Jim Dodds, VA3DEF City: Orleans, Ontario, Canada 27 november 2019 Time: 15:50:56

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with your MK3 - 5 band end fed antenna. I am a new HAM and was able to make a QSO to Cape Town, South Africa from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with my 100 watt ICOM IC-9100 transceiver. That is ~ 12,900 km! Given we are at the bottom of the 11 year solar cycle, I can't wait to see what opens up when propagation improves.
Name: Klaus, DL2YBG Stadt: Nr. Bremen 06 januari 2019 Time: 20:32:22

Seit 6 Jahren bin ich mit dieser tollen Antenne qrv, mitten aus einer Siedlung und von einem kleinen Garten mit 10 x 10 meter Seitenlänge. Die Antenne arbeitet hervorragend, mit Tuner von 160 - 6 Meter. 243 DXCC konnten in dieser Zeit gearbeitet werden - überwiegend in CW - und die DXCC-Challenge.
Danke für die tolle Antenne!!!
Nom: F8ETK Ville: LILLE 23 december 2018 Time: 14:27:08

Hi Hyendcompany,
We wanted to thank you very much.
Your company gave us the chance to experiment simplicity with your Hyenfed dipole 5 bands.
- Simplicity but quality,
- Quality but not expensive.
Thanks to you we were able to have good contacts over the world with our QRP SSB Transceiver (sometimes + 100w to be honest !).
For example today we were heard in Costa Rica with this 5-band-Hyendfed-dipole with 50 watts in phony.
And a special mention to the Hyendcompany team !
Best regards.
Julien & Yvon
Naam: Niels PD2lt Stad: Kortgene, Zeeland 25 januari 2018 Time: 19:27:19

Is allemaal erg professioneel opgezet. Geweldig goeie antenne. 10/20/40 geen tuner nodig. Swr Kleiner dan 1,1:2. Achteraf gezien had ik de 43 lange End Fed ook kwijt gekund. Dik tevreden. Schild aanzienlijk met me dipool antenne. Bedankt.
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