HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3

$ 172.56


HyEndFed 4 band for 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter.
Max. Power :  200 WATT PEP SSB, 35 WATT DIGITAL.
Length : 20 meter.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Connector Teflon.
All hardware Stainless steel.
No radials or tuner needed.

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Name: Curtis KO4OAJ City: Flatwoods Ky 12 februari 2024 Time: 23:11:24

I installed the 4 band classic EFHW in a sloper configuration. About 8m high at the tall end and 1m at the transformer!
This was the antenna I made my first SSB QSO ever! The unit is high quality and well built with good components! I would definitely buy again, highly recommend it!!! 73 KO4OAJ
Name: Kristian, DL8KM Stadt: Near Hannover 24 augustus 2022 Time: 20:45:15

I bought the 4 band antenna directly from this website! This antenna works perfectly fine.
I build the antenna as a slooper. The Transformator is in 4m high and goes up to 7.5m high. The SWR is better than 1.5 on all bands. With 20m lengh this antenna is also perfekt for small gardens. Clear RECOMMENDATION from me!
Name: ISMAIL ALHOSANI City: A61DL - DELMA ISLAND 22 november 2020 Time: 09:44:09

I bought the 4 band, I'm glad I got the desired antenna, I make over 2000 qso on it , on band 10,15,20,40 without TUNE and on band 12,17,30 need TUNE, thank you very much for made this excellent antenna, 73
Name: Jerry Pereira City: Lilburn, Georgia USA 14 oktober 2020 Time: 22:36:43

I now have this antenna for about 8 months in a slopper configuration. The high end at about 50’ down to 6’ with no ground or counterpoise. I operate QRP and the results compared to my OCF dipole was truly unbelievable! I hear more and more hear me. The quality of construction is unmatched by any antenna maker that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in radio for more than 50+ years. You simply can’t go wrong. I intend on buying another for our cabin in NC.
Jerry - K4KBL
Name: Guy ( VE2VMT ) City: Saint-Basile-Le-Grand ( Quebec ), Canada 20 mei 2020 Time: 03:24:27

I bought the 40/20/15/10 band antenna directly from this website and it arrived to me in Canada ( near Montreal ) within 8 working days.
I must say the quality of the product is without a doubt very good! I would recommended it without thinking.
I was able to reach Slovak Republic, Russia, Florida ( USA), etc with 5/9 or 5/7. ( 100 watts ) from a compromise installation between two houses ( highest point being 20 feets or 6m )
Very impressed! Need to buy another one to use at a second site.
Thanks Ron for your support.
73, Guy/VE2VMT
Naam: Roberto Stad: Tilburg 03 april 2020 Time: 13:42:09

Vandaag mijn 3e exemplaar in goede orde ontvangen
Netjes verpakt en straalt zoals ik gewend ben van jullie een perfecte kwaliteit. Uit
Hyendcompany jullie weten hoe het moet een dikke pluim voor jullie hoe jullie in de markt staan
Werking antenne wederom perfect
Name: Alex, ER1SN City: Chisinau 21 januari 2020 Time: 10:40:01

Great antenna with great quality!
In one day QSO with 21 countries, the longest distance being 7300 km with 10 W power and 579 report, with the pole being only 9 meters high.
Great support, I will buy the 8 band antenna for base installation.
Thank you Ron.
Name: Igor Yevtushenko (4L1HF) City: Zestaphoni, Georgia 31 augustus 2018 Time: 14:12:48

I received HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3. Very fast shipping (7 days)! Very quality job! Full review later... 73, Igor/4L1HF.
Name: Simon M0SYS City: Nottingham, UK 08 juli 2018 Time: 17:05:59

I have used this 4 band classic aerial for a while now and have been extremely impressed with it's ease of use, quiet background noise, excellent build quality and great signal reports from others. I will definitely be trying other aerials in the range and a BIG thank you to the creators of this excellent aerial!

Simon, M0SYS
Name: Chris Smith G0oiy City: Uk 26 oktober 2017 Time: 10:12:04

This is a superb product workmanship is excellent highly recommended works really well at my small location very best regards Chris
Naam: Eric Suykerbuyk Stad: Zele 08 september 2015 Time: 10:26:38

 Ik heb deze antenne reeds enige maanden in gebruik en werkt echt fantastisch. vanaf de nok op 8m hoogte naar de heavy duty mast van 10m horizontaal weggespannen. nogmaals dank voor de goede levering. Eric ON3ERN

Name: Michael Corrigan City: Roseville, CA 10 augustus 2015 Time: 19:57:02

I have a very small lot size, not compatible of installing a traditional dipole antenna outdoors.  So after several unsuccessful and frustrating attempts to get a folded dipole and a mag loop to work in the attic, I researched alternatives.  Ron’s Hyendfed box was at the top of reviews and I must say that all reports describing his outstanding level of customer service is accurate.  Ron answered all questions and within a day.  I ordered the 4 band, 200W unit and it arrived in California in 10 calendar days from ordering.  The unit is obviously handmade and very high quality.  The initial installation was at a slope from 7.6 meters to 3.6 meters and I was able to make work contacts from California to Maine (4230Km) on 40m SSB using 100W with no tuner!  I moved the end to a “better” location to a height of 6 meters and the results were the same.  Contacts were made in South Carolina (3480Km) and Pennsylvania (3500 Km) in spite of poor band conditions.  This antenna works.  If it weren’t for this design, I wouldn’t be able to work the HF bands.  Don’t hesitate to give this product a try. Thank you, Hyendfed, for getting me on the air. -73, KK6PVS

Name: SYDNEY HENRY City: COLERAINE, CO.LONDONDERRY 20 mei 2014 Time: 21:16:02

I bought the 4 band antenna directly from this website and it arrived with me in Northern Ireland within 5 working days. The email support from Ron was excellent. The antenna arrived very well packaged and the quality of workmanship is superb. I have the antenna installed on my TV pole at 30ft fed with Aircell 7 coax in a horizontal configuration. It is connected to a Yaesu FT450D and without the internal tuner the antenna SWR on 40/20/15 and 10 is 1.5 or better. The internal ATU brings this down to 1.1 easily. If like me you have limited space then this antenna is perfect. And no TVI ! 



Name: Stan (PA8C) City: Haarzuilens 03 mei 2013 Time: 00:05:20

Zie mijn review bij de 3 band uitvoering. Ik heb hier nu 20 meter DX-wire zonder de spoel aan hangen en daardoor werkt de antenne nu nog beter.  Een uistekende antenne en ik ben er zeer tevreden over. Zeker een aanrader voor mensen die met wat minder ruimte zitten.

73, Stan/PA8C

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