HyEndFed 3 Band 150 Watt Classic

€ 114,88 (Excl. BTW)
Voor EU landen: € 139,00 (Incl. BTW)


HyEndFed 3 band voor 40, 20 and 10 meter.
Max. Power : 150 Watt PEP, SSB.
Lengte : 11.85 meter.
Behuizing : Polycarbonaat IP 67.
SO239 teflon connector.
Alle het bevestigingsmateriaal is van RVS .
Geen radialen of tuner nodig.
Deze antenne heeft een spoel in de draad op 10 meter afstand.


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Name: Ari City: Sydney 23 oktober 2017 Time: 02:20:48

Great for vertical deployment. I place the balun about 1.5 meters off the ground on top of a tripod stand (or stake in the ground) with the end of the antenna up in a tall tree branch with fantastic DX results across across the world. Very simple to deploy in field operations.
Name: Ari City: Sydney 18 september 2017 Time: 01:57:02

I have been operating this antenna for a few weeks now with great results at around 5 meters off the ground as a horizontal. I measured the SWR and found it to be as advertised. It got up to as high as 2.2:1 on the top end voice section on 40 meters, so you may wish to use a tuner there if operating at high power. Very impressed for its size. If you are restricted for space, I highly recommend this antenna. VK2ARI.
Naam: Toine Segers Stad: Tilburg 03 juni 2017 Time: 14:44:04

Deze antenne doet wat hij moet doen, perfecte eigenschappen op al de drie de banden! Blijft 50 ohm en 1:1 swr Reeds verre verbindingen mee gemaakt, prima kwaliteit voor een redelijke prijs!
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