HyEndFed 3 Band Portable 100 Watt

€ 90,08 (Excl. BTW)
Voor EU landen: € 109,00 (Incl. BTW)


HyEndFed 3 band voor 40, 20 and 10 meter.
Max. Power : 100 Watt PEP MAX!!!
Lengte : 11.85 meter.
Behuizing : ABS IP65
BNC connector.
Alle het bevestigingsmateriaal is van RVS .
Geen radialen of tuner nodig.
Deze antenne heeft een spoel in de draad op 10 meter afstand.


Name: EA5UV - Juanjo City: Valencia - Spain 02 februari 2018 Time: 19:26:07

I have 4 HyEndFed antenas ( 3 models) and all of these working perfectly
The 3 bands portable is wonderfull with only 11m long
working perfectly in 40, 20 and 10m
the 5 bands 23m log is the most used and work perfectly
Name: Mike DG5LAC Stadt: Barsbuettel 01 november 2017 Time: 13:55:57

Great Antenna! I use this one at portable WWFF activations mounted at a 15m fiber glass mast. With 100W SSB only accu powered worked for excample CA, K, RA9, FK, VK, etc...
Only at a pile up the SWR going slowly up. But this antenna is not build for a pile up. So I use the same one in a 800W version when I go by car or have short ways to the WWFF area (to see at qrz.com/db/dg5lac EU-128).
Additional I use the exelent multi band antenna (23m long, 200W) at holiday (OZ) activations and some WWFF´s. Now ordered the extra short 15,50m, 200W Version incl. 80m.
All the antennas have a exelent quality and with Ron´s Character Reference I use the 200W Versions with a solid state 12V PA (300-350W) without any problems. Also in a pile up the swr is stable!
vy 73 de Mike DG5LAC
Name: Alejandro Chanes (LU8ACH) City: Buenos Aires, Argentina 20 juni 2017 Time: 01:25:37

Excelente antena!! la pareja ideal para mi Yaesu FT 817 y mis aventuras cicloturisticas (Ciclo Turismo) y de trekking!! ROE 1:1 posibilidad de transmitir en 40, 20 y 10 metros, un placer!
¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!
Name: Luca Caluso Caluso City: Cusago 20 juli 2016 Time: 15:13:05

I might tell you a lot of nice things about this antenna: excellent quality, speed in delivery, swr as advertising, which it is the second antenna that I bought over the 12.5m fishingpole ...... and more, but I will tell only this: "money well spent!"
73 de IZ2XAO
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