Hyendfed 20 meter

$ 106.40

Frequency: 14 MHz band
1,5:1 VSWR bandwidth:  300 KHz (+/-)
Maximum power:300 Watt PEP, SSB

75 Watt Digital

Length: 10,0 meters
Working principle: LC matching network with airwound coil
Materials: stainless steel
Enclosure, Polycarbonaat IP 67
Teflon SO239 socket
Hard copper Antenna litze, breaking limit 40kg
End Insulator: Polycarbonate UV resistant

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Name: Dean Galloway City: Buckeye, AZ 12 januari 2019 Time: 17:08:34

This is a wonderful antenna! The quality and thought put into the design is obvious. The HyEnd company have created the best 20m end fed antenna on the market today in my opinion.
I am in an HOA community so have antenna restrictions. This slopes down from my second floor balcony rail (around 14ft) down to my back fence (around 6.6 ft) and I have made contacts in 12 countries and every state in the USA from Arizona. Average SWR is 1.2:1/1.3:1 across the band.
Thank you!
Name: Harvey L. Counts City: Indio, California U.S.A. 29 juli 2018 Time: 23:06:24

Testing it out at just eight feet above ground and have made several contacts with good signal reports. Due to HOA restrictions I need an antenna with a small footprint and this seems to do the trick.
The antenna is of quality construction. It is most resonant at 14.2 MHZ just as its associated chart states. Using my auto tuner this antenna will load easily with minimal SWR readings across the entire 20 meter band.
Thanks to HyEndFed for a very efficient antenna system.

Harvey (K6CN)
Naam: Jan Clements Stad: Aljezur 24 augustus 2016 Time: 17:51:32

Ik heb de antenne ruim een week in gebruik en ben zeer tevreden. Geweldig op 20 m. in Europa maar ook Oost Canada. Hoor veel maar kan natuurlijk niet alles werken b.v. Japan en Australie. De antenne was bedoeld als een tijdelijke snelle oplossing maar gaat geheid mee als ik straks verhuis ben.
Name: Luca Caluso Caluso City: Cusago 23 januari 2016 Time: 19:19:38

I got my new 20 meters half wave yesterday. Today went to try even if propagation wasn 't good!

I can 't believe how well the antenna runs (only radio power)!Contacted all Europe around without no problems with 5/9 in a rang of about 5000 Km!  Contacted  W6CCP with report 5/4! But the amazing think is that He told me that He runs by long path!!!!I 've never contacted California before! let alon by long path!!!!!!Probably propagation helped me, but one thing is clear, the antenna runs well!!!!!!!TNX HY END COMPANY )


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