1.5-30 MHz Line Isolator Low Band - Coax Dual Core

€ 103,31 (Excl. BTW)
Voor EU landen: € 125,00 (Incl. BTW)


Deze line isolator heeft 2 kernen op elkaar, en geoptimaliseerd voor de lage banden.

Om retour stromen te onderdrukken moet een choke een minimale demping hebben van 20 dB.

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Behuizing: Polycarbonaat IP67, 100% UV bestendig.
RG400: Teflon, dubbel afgeschermd.
SO239 Teflon Connector.

Freqentie : 1.5 tot 30 MHz.

Power : 5 KW PEP

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Name: stephen VK4 IDK City: Brisbane 18 maart 2020 Time: 21:39:39

I have been using the HyEndFed 5 band antenna for a year. After some research, I decided to experiment with a line isolator. Installed it 0.05 λ below the feed point. It has reduced my noise floor by around 2 s points across the bands especially the lower frequencies. Has not affected the SWR to any significant degree, if anything a slight improvement. I can now work stations previously under the QRM. High-quality construction and delivered to Australia in just under 2 weeks.
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